Fashion Styles Influenced By Nollywood Films

Fashion Styles Influenced By Nollywood Films

Nollywood films, the biggest entertainment of African women, have gained popularity because they depict the everyday life, African traditional ceremonies, cultural activities, common occasions and situations that prevail in African families.

 The African daily films are not only popular in Africa but also in the countries where Africans have migrated to. African films are very popular in  Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Africa. A Few African films are very popular in Pakistan and Australia. The international acclamation that the films are gaining everyday pepped up the actors to dress up till teeth perfectly every day. Although the actors put all their efforts to dress up well to present themselves trim in every show, the looks and attires of the actresses impress the audience a lot more than the actors’ do.

The elegant dashiki's that the actresses chose for their look as per the story of every serial become popular within a month’s telecast as they choose a particular type of dashiki as per the regional, religious and traditional values of the characters involved in the story. The daughters-in-law are the most celebrated characters of any African film They follow a particular style of dressing as per the situational changes in the flow of the story. The dressing pattern of the characters involved in the serials are so simple, that the ladies will wear a beautiful pattern of dashiki suits, skirts, kurtis or shorts when they are spinsters. The designs they chose in both the cases make the difference. The wedding ceremonies and the pre and post wedding rituals bring in a lot of actors together with grand attires to bring in the real zest of African ceremonies on screen.

The wedding attires of the African brides are popular worldwide, while the credit goes to the daily films that took the elegance of the African bridal attires to the international arena. Mostly the protagonist and antagonist dress up in opposite styles so as to balance the strength of the story line. Brilliant choice of jewelries, colors, attires, and styles, etcetera positively communicates with the audience and the popular dressing culture gets stuck to the minds of the African ladies and they prefer to follow the same, to look beautiful just like the actresses who steal everyone’s attention.

There are Agbada trends that have swept the market in the name of the popular characters played by the actors in African films. The accessories are the notable things among the youngsters. If you go so deep into the serial trends you will find that the antagonists are really trendy in look than the protagonists who always stick to traditional outfits and accessories. So if you are a conventional African orthodox, follow the dressing style of the female/male lead of any African film whereas if you are a fashion freak follow the beautiful antagonists who mostly look modern and sensual.



The Grand boubou, Agbada, the Dashiki, and the Senegalese kaftan become popular these days only because of the daily films, we must admit. And thus, the African daily films are the trend setters in Africa. Many stories have evolved these days in the industry depicting the lives of the college students and the youngsters and that has influenced the dressing style of the students. If there is any trend that has been sweeping the elite fashion market that will be taken directly at home through the films and this keeps everyone in Africa to be aware of what is being in vogue in the fashion market any day! So, being fashion enthusiasts, we must thank Nollywood films for keeping our ladies/men up to date on fashion every minute!



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