4 Tips On Finding Clothes That Fit You Perfectly

4 Tips On Finding Clothes That Fit You Perfectly

We have all experienced buying clothes that don’t fit on our body. It happens all the time and to most people. Finding clothes that would fit us one hundred percent is close to impossible, most especially the clothes that you can buy from the malls or department stores. I somehow thought if these clothes that were manufactured are made based on the figure of a mannequin. Haven’t you wondered even once, why do the clothes fit the mannequins perfectly? It makes the dresses look so attractive that we all want to get it. We’ll try to fit the clothes, but upon looking at the mirror, you’ll end up wondering why it looks so different. Don’t worry. There are several ways that you can get what you’re expecting to see when you look for clothes that will fit you just right.

1. Measurement
You need to be familiar with the size of your body. It is a must if you don’t want to wear something that doesn’t suit you. You need to take your measurements from time to time. Our body size is subject to change. If you know your measurements, it will be easy to find the clothes that can make you look good.

2. Always look for the charts
If you’re buying clothes, I’m sure you’re familiar with the charts available nearby. It serves as a guide so make use of it. It doesn’t matter where you will make the purchase. It could be from a mall or an online shop. As long as you have the right measurements and know how to utilize the chart, it will be easy for you to find the clothes that will fit you perfectly without spending too much time.

3. Past Purchases
I’m sure you’ve done previous shopping for clothes and one way or another you’ve found some specific brands that sell clothes that seem right for your body. Take note of those brands or boutiques. Manufacturing clothes may differ from one manufacturer to another. If you are comfortable with the clothes on one particular shop, then make sure you have it on top of your list whenever you’re trying to buy some clothes.

4. Know your body type
There are instances that even though you know the size of every part of your body, some clothes just can’t fit at all. The deciding factor would be your body type. The body type differs from one person to another. You could have the hourglass, apple, pear, triangle, banana or rectangle body type. If you fully understand the type of your body, it can make things easier for you to find the perfect fit.

When all else fails, don’t lose hope. There are a lot of seamstresses available where you can bring your clothes for a little make-over. It won’t take long, and you are guaranteed that your clothes will fit perfectly on you. If you don’t like the idea then perhaps you might want to consider getting some tailor-made clothes that way you won’t have any problem. Chitosan

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