15 Useful Tips to Know How to Look Sensuous and Slim In Dashiki

15 Useful Tips to Know How to Look Sensuous and Slim In Dashiki

Many young individuals face this despairing issue which we are about to discuss now. Any time as individuals loose up their food habits and get lured by our favorite food for a few days may make us spoil our mood and structure. Here are the 15 useful tips which actually work if you want to amaze the people you meet every day with your chubby figure. Any dashiki it may be any print or design it may hold but utilize these tips sensibly to compliment your figure.


Let’s move into the subject right away.

To get that perfect slim and sensuous look in any Dashiki

    • Choose a straight cut in-skirt that fits perfectly the size of your waist.


      • Do not opt for those big in-skirts with umbrella frills that will show your size bigger than it’s usual.


        • Choose an in-skirt of very thin fabric just to tuck your pleats and drape your dashiki alone; not the one to carry the entire weight of your body and dashiki.


          • Fasten the in-skirt and drape your dashiki a little below your belly button. This will pull in an inch of your belly to give a flat stomach illusion.


            • Make sure that you drape your dashiki with utmost care so as to confirm that there are no extra pleats or fabric protruding and bulging out at some parts.


              • Choose a thin and nice fabric for your blouse. Your blouse should fit you exactly, not a bit tighter or flabby.


                • If you are free to move with a sensual appeal, then go for it! Wear a backless blouse with long sleeves, this will create an illusion of having long neck and that will enhance you to look sensuous and slim.


                  • Your blouse should fix right at the rib portion, not above or below.


                    • Keep in mind that your blouse will decide your look in most dashiki. Be precise with how good your blouse fit in.


                      • Choose some high puff hair styles as that will make your face contour long. A long face and a long neck are the illusionary quotients to look tall.


                        • Leave your neck free or wear a thin, that is, extremely thin strand of jewel as a neck piece.


                          • A lean neck-length ear piece will complement your look. But never choose some heavy or big piece of earring if you have a short neck, round face and broad shoulders.


                            • Wear a good pair of high heeled tight- fit-in sandals of your exact size with thin buckles so that you will never feel your height.


                              • This comfortable feeling will make you move with confidence.


                                • Wear apt make up to match your skin tone and lip color. Rule the world!


                                Dukaiko Accessories


                                If one can walk confidently in any attire, she can move the stylish world as it needs a sturdy and smart look than anything else. Your looks are always complimented with your strong mentality. Keep this in mind, utilize those tips above and be a stamping personality in saree, the alluring attire ever.

                                African fashion has been merged with European styles to make it an everyday attire. These types of African outfits could easily be worn to work, parties, even as casual everyday wear.


                                Good luck!


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